Under the Stars EP

by Diodes

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Under the Stars is dedicated to Melanie.
Poolside is dedicated to Stephen.

In loving memory of Kenneth Hsieh.


released September 5, 2018

Amy Hsieh: music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, engineering.
Thomas Colegrove: drums.
Jeremy Feder: engineering, mixing, mastering.
Drums recorded at Blue Room Studios by Aaron Mason.
Album art by Andrew Luers.




Diodes Fairfax, Virginia


Catchy pop tunes with a deeper meaning.

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Track Name: Under the Stars
So now, here we are tonight
Caught you right in my line of sight
You know, I think I’ve kinda seen you around

Do you like this party?
I don’t, but if you stay with me
Let’s just waste some time hanging around

Free and innocent, we never have to try
I don’t want to say goodbye

Under the stars let’s go out just the two of us
Under the night sky we’ll stay ‘til the sun comes up

Having the time of our lives

Could we just let out everything?
I won’t judge or anything
I just want to know the person you are

Don’t feel like you have to hide
So hard to keep it all inside
Relax, I think you’re pretty awesome so far

Ooh, now I’m feeling like
I’ve met my new best friend
And I never want this night to end

I still don’t want to go home

I wanna watch the sky with you
So come on darling
Look at all the stars tonight


And I had the time of my life
Track Name: Beautiful
Hey now I'm standing on my own two feet
In complete control and I just love this feeling
I've got a new beginning, a life with meaning
And not a bit involves you at all

I'm over it now
Letting it go
Moved on somehow and
Letting you know
Maybe I didn't get what I wanted
I got something better instead

I'm beautiful
In ways you'll never know
I'm beautiful
In ways you'll never see
But this is not
A tragedy
'Cause it's your loss
And that's fine with me

Hey now, I'm staring at a bright new morning
I feel fantastic and my heart is soaring
What, are you surprised?
Think it's a new disguise?
I didn't realize just how much you despised me

Oh, listen to you
Putting me down
I see what you're doing
It won't matter now
Tell me what you think but you won't bring me down again
I'm finally free, finally free


Hey now, I'm doing just fine
And don't you worry 'bout this heart of mine
Hey now, what did you say?
Better stop that talk I'm doing things my way now
Hey now, what do you see?
'Cause I don't think you will ever know the real me
Baby look what you're missing
I walked out while you weren't listening

Last Chorus:
I'm beautiful
In ways you'll never know
I'm beautiful
In ways you'll never see
You'll never know
Too blind to see
That it's your fault
That you lost me

Hey now I'm standing on my own two feet
In complete control and I just love this feeling
I've got a new beginning, a life with meaning
And I'm believing
The sun is gleaming
Track Name: Poolside
It was four years ago
When I met you on a warm summer night
So much I didn’t know
There was someone else I thought would be mine

I tried to be cold
And I played it all wrong
‘Cause I gave up before I even began
So afraid to find out
I don’t get to decide

Can we go back to that night, poolside?
I’ll tell you everything I should have said back then
Do you think that sometimes
What’s supposed to happen never happens at all?
When we were poolside

Oh, I try to let go
But I’m fighting against scenes that play out in my sleep
That lure me to stay
Even though I know the memories aren’t mine to keep

Of the way it could be
Just simple and clean
And reaching out didn’t mean losing anything
The visions dissolve
I can’t escape now

Can we go back to that night, poolside?
Barely an inch between your fingers and mine
Then I look in your eyes
Wordlessly, I tell you all that you need to know
Oh, tell me you know

If I could rewrite history
I’d tell you what you mean to me
But no, this can’t be happening
It’s not my right to break this ring
How could I let this get so bad
When what I lost I never had?
It’s taking all the strength I have
To not go back to that night
When for one moment I was special to you
But that’s all it was
Sometimes all we get is just that one night
When we were poolside

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